Elecard and Triaxes Starts 3D Video Project Development

Elecard in association with Triaxes inform about beginning the stereoscopic (3D) video encoding and data transmission system development.

The project includes following activities:
- Creating 3D codecs based on MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 (AVC) standards.
- Creating systems of conversion “regular” 2D films into 3D and 2D+Z formats of stereoscopic visualization.
- System integration of the 3D video content with IPTV system, VOD servers and players developed by Elecard.

Triaxes company has been developing software and technologies in the area of 3D visualization during 5 years. The main product of the company is 3DMasterKit CS, a software package for creating stereo-vario images.

Interested parties are looked to cooperate with.

Source: Elecard