D-Link to Provide Network Backbone in Digital Cinema Rollout across Europe

D-Link has announced that Arts Alliance Media (AAM), one of Europe's leading providers of digital film distribution services, has selected D-Link to supply the network infrastructure for each of the digital cinemas being rolled-out by AAM. The agreement will enable existing cinemas across Europe to make the transition to fully digital cinemas, thus providing an optimised viewing experience for film-goers.

Working closely with its' distribution partner Azlan, a value-added distribution service of Tech Data Europe, D-Link will supply and support AAM on a pan-European basis as the network is deployed across 12 countries and an estimated 7,000 cinema screens over the next 3 years.

The network solution provided by D-Link includes its DGS-3627 24-port Layer3 Gigabit switches with 10Gbit/s interfaces, the DGS-3427 24-port Layer2 Gigabit switches and the DGS-3200-10 Layer2 Security Gigabit switches. The DGS-3427 and DGS-3627 form part of D-Link's xStack family of Gigabit switches that combine enterprise levels of performance and robust security with versatile management functions and scalable flexibility.

The DGS-3427 is used as a management switch, providing the main communications link between all screens and centralised equipment. This is supported at each screen by the DGS-3200-10. The Layer3 DGS-3627 switch is used for content management; rapidly distributing content to each screen via digital projection from the central library server, which is connected over a 10Gbit/s interface.

Source: TradingMarkets