Convert any Video for 3D Viewing

2D-3D Video will soon provide a 3D Mobile Movie Player for the new iPhone 3G (and iPod Touch) wich won't require any 3D glasses. The animation above shows how it works on just one static frame without audio-video:

Click to watch the video

Why is this better than lenticular video?
- No sweet spot; viewing is good from all angles.
- No loss of resolution (lenticular screens typically give up 50% of their resolution).
- Works in all directions using accelerometers in the mobile device (stereoscopic 3D glasses only have horizontal effects).
- No "screen door effect" from a plastic overlay.
- No "moire" optical distortion as on lenticular displays.
- None of the traditional headaches from 3D glasses.
- No manufacturing of precision optics or delivery costs.
- Requires no alignment or calibration at all.
- Fast and easy sharing online.