Codex Records in the Raw

Codex Digital has announced support for recording Arri's new Arriraw T-Link raw data recording system, as offered on its latest D-21 digital film camera.

It means that Codex Digital's data-recording (uncompressed or JPEG2000) will enable users to record the highest-possible resolution and dynamic range of the D-21 and future Arri cameras, and to deliver the captured material directly into the post production chain. The material is recorded complete with all available metadata, and delivered in any format required for effects and finishing.

The raw, unprocessed data from Arri's 4:3 sensor makes maximum use of its 2880 x 2160 resolution (around 3k) and 12-bit bit-depth, and the Codex can offer realtime playback, including unsqueezed anamorphic material. This gives greater picture resolution than when using the 1920 x 1080 HD video output, as the entire image data captured by the sensor is retained. Codex can also de-mosaic and downsample the Arri cameras' Bayer pattern images in realtime. Material captured with the D-20 or D-21 can be viewed and passed directly to editorial in the form of MXF, QuickTime, AVI or DPX files, without the need for lengthy de-Bayering and downconversion. In Arri data-mode, Codex also supports all framerates, including full vari-speed support.

by David Fox, IBC Daily