Bright Systems - BrightClip

BrightClip Intelligent Data Recording Technology provides superior disk recording and playback of media within the digital postproduction environment by eliminating the need for disk optimization bringing unprecedented stability and predictability to digital workflows.

The Need for BrightClip
With the transition of film and television to file-based, data-centric operations, there exists the need for smooth, reliable, and predictable recording and playback of media files in many formats and resolutions. Standard, off-the-shelf IT technologies do nothing to prevent randomization of file content over time and can cause performance to drop by as much as 95% from the underlying disk system. This can mean a disk system capable of delivering 3,000 MB/s may drop to 150 MB/s or less. Essentially, when file content is randomized, every component in the system, from the RAID controller, to the requesting software application, must wait for the physical disk to reach the exact location of each content section.

The BrightClip Solution
BrightClip is the world's first recording technology designed to prevent entropic randomizing, thereby achieving the industry's need for predictable and reliable recording and playback. As media is accessed between the different postproduction processes, BrightClip employs advanced, sophisticated technology to ensure optimal physical placement on disk. Rooted in video disk recording technology, BrightClip was designed specifically for digital postproduction and DI workflows where multiple processes are the norm enabling superior performance and reliability, better use of resources, and faster, predictable project turnaround times.

BrightClip supports out of sequence frame writing, making it a must-have for render farm and other data-intensive creative applications. In a render farm scenario, frames trickle into a BrightClip generic area out of sequence as each render node completes them. BrightClip's 'watch' function (BCW) sees the frames appear and relocates them to BrightClip's reserved area. Frames are ready for import or playback as soon as they are rendered, and because they are re-sequenced by BrightClip, no optimizing is needed.

BrightClip supports simultaneous recording of the same or mixed formats. All file formats are supported natively which means there is no need for transcoding. Frames sizes can be fixed or variable.

BrightClip can be set up for use with applications either direct through API, or indirect through an administrative interface. With the API, an application developer has full access to all recording functionality within their application. Alternatively, if an application is not BrightClip-enabled, an administrator can set up or script tasks to create a BrightClip. BrightClip files appear as normal alongside regular project and other files, making their use entirely transparent.