3ality Digital Bring New Tools to Post

3ality Digital is a pioneer of modern stereoscopic production, with projects to its credit such as the critically-acclaimed U2 3D. The 3ality name is known by anyone involved in modern digital stereoscopic content creation. The 3ality team have years of experience in digital production of stereoscopic films, stereoscopic broadcasting and many other kinds of stereoscopic content. They have also designed and built camera systems and state-of-the-art electronics for production, post production, broadcasting and exhibition.

3ality has now used that image correction expertise to create the 3flex SIP2100 – a system for post production that can analyse stereo content, correct faults and help create technically perfect deliverables. The SIP2100 has tools for handling geometric, color, dimensonalisation and sync issues that can occur in newly created or legacy stereo content. Working together with systems like Quantel's Pablo, iQ, Sid or sQ, users can quickly and easily identify and fix problems, make artistic decisions and create versions suitable for different delivery requirements, in a fraction of the time that might otherwise be required.

At the heart of the 3flex SIP2100 are sophisticated algorithms running on powerful hardware which can analyse and correct real time stereo HD-SDI signals without any rendering whatsoever. The 3flex SIP2100 effectively works in 'play mode' which allows signals to be processed 'on-the-fly'. This means the 3flex SIP2100 can be connected before or after a Quantel or other device and there is no internal rendering to disc required.

3ality SIP2100

This makes the 3flex SIP21000 suitable for many uses:
- Shot selection of rushes before or during off-line editing
- Pre-correction of rushes before the online conform session
- Analysis or correction during online color correction, compositing or finishing
- Final analysis, correction or special formatting during playout and mastering
- Analysis correction or special formatting in device to device dubbing (e.g. VTR to VTR)
- Quality control point for Stereo CGI workgroups
- Tool to aid stereo restoration projects
- General monitoring material quality at any point during a project

As the 3flex SIP2100 operates in a fully live mode it can be used anywhere in an HDSDI signal chain throughout a Post house, including edit suites, color correction suites, machine rooms or viewing theatres – it is a major technology step forward for Post – but the story doesn't stop there.

Source: Quantel