Stereo 3D at SIGGRAPH

Digital Ordnance, the California-based manufacturer of 2D and stereoscopic 3D products, has confirmed that its SIGGRAPH plans include a live stereo 3D presentation.

Daryll Strauss Digital Ordnance Founder and CEO commented: "We will present live stereoscopic 3D on our booth at SIGGRAPH using a ReadyStor on-set capture and playback system working in uncompressed HD and 2k. We'll also be showing Frame Thrower 3D, the latest of our Frame Thrower line of network review and approval systems. These two innovative solutions keep us at the forefront of the stereo 3D market space and on target to be one of the premier suppliers of stereo 3D solutions for production and post applications."

Frame Thrower has seen expansive growth over the past year; having been adopted by LAIKA for its 2007 facility upgrade, it also became even more integral to visual effects and restoration projects at Technicolor DCS and was instrumental in the 25th Anniversary restoration of the 1980's classic Blade Runner. More recently Frame Thrower's speedy network approach to dailies eased the review and approval process to facilitate on-time delivery of Disney/Walden's Prince Caspian.

Source: TVB Europe