FOR-A Demonstrates MediaConcierge Content Management System

FOR-A will demonstrate MediaConcierge, a comprehensive content management system for use by broadcast television stations and video production houses worldwide. The first two MediaConcierge products in the system, the MBP-100SX baseband converter and the MCS-100M MXF file conversion software, will make their european debut at IBC.

MediaConcierge manages content for broadcasters so that they can take full advantage of all business opportunities that exist for its media assets. It handles tasks such as media ingest and format conversion, allowing each media asset to be repurposed for delivery via a variety of outlets, including broadcast, the Internet, and packaged media. The system converts between common file and digital video formats; facilitates search, browse, and file delivery; and interfaces to third party media content databases and archives.

The MBP-100SX converter converts XDCAM HD MXF files to baseband video and HD-SDI signals, and vice versa, in realtime for applications requiring baseband video. This converter uses a new MBP video card developed by FOR-A that supports XDCAM HD, DVCPRO HD and AVC-Intra tapeless media files. FOR-A will develop additional converters, including one for H.264 and another for AVC-Intra. Both will utilize an MBP board and will be part of the MediaConcierge product family, depending upon future market needs.

During the shooting, editing, and delivery process, there are many points where the file must be converted to baseband signals. Workflow is improved when converters receive video data as a file via the network, convert that data to baseband signals, and then enable the playback.

The MCS-100M MXF conversion software-which consists of three software plug-ins MCS-10PD (DVCPRO), MCS-10PA (AVC-Intra) and MCS-10SX (XDCAM)--enables the conversion of MXF (Media Exchange Format) data files between the P2 HD and XDCAM HD formats.

With MediaConcierge, once data has been managed, high-speed search based on metadata and proxy data can immediately locate stored scenes. The high compatibility of the MediaConcierge database structure means it can be linked with nearly all existing databases. Therefore, operators can create a unified management environment without replacing their existing system configuration.

The MBP-MXF baseband converter and P2-XDCAM format conversion software are now shipping.

Source: FOR-A