eyeon To Show Fusion 6 At SIGGRAPH 2008

eyeon Software announces Fusion 6, a major upgrade to their flagship compositing application, which will be on display for the first time at SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles.

Fusion is a true workhorse in the global VFX community, and is the industry standard that today’s top post-production facilities depend on to create high-end visual effects. With the release of 6, Fusion delivers a consistent environment for seamless image quality across multiple platforms, and is available for a single license fee on Linux, Windows x64, Windows 32bit desktop PCs, and Intel-based Macs.

Fusion 6’s major new features and enhancements are detailed below:

Stereoscopic Views: View stereo pairs in 3D in the views and support for stereo monitors. Fusion’s 3D environment has full support of stereo with eye separation and convergence controls.

3D In Stereo: View the 3D environment in stereo.

New Multi-Layer Imaging: This system allows for composition node flow to process multiple images, all using Fusion’s Deep Pixel pipeline. Updated support for EXR/SXR in a single loader.

New 3D System: This is a major update and is designed for ease of expansion. This will be released as part of the SDK.

Production Quality OpenGL Renderer: Resolution independent and floating point rendering. Super-sampling with reconstruction filters. New plugable CG Shaders. Deep Pixel rendering of Normals, Texture Co-ordinates, Material ID, Object ID, Diffuse, Specular and Shadows, etc.

3D Environment Tools: Environment mapped reflections and refractions. 3D Cube and Sphere mapping.

New 3D Material Tools: New lighting materials, Blinn, Phong, Cook-Torrance and Ward. Material merging tool.

New Bump Mapped Materials: Bump mapped from height maps. Bump mapped reflections and refractions.

UVW Mapping: Set spherical, planar, box, fit, etc, mapping co-ordinates.

Alpha Projections: Project alpha and re-light the projection.

3D Blend Modes: All 2D blend modes supported in 3D, including Screen, Multiply, Color Dodge, Difference, Exclusion, etc. 3D blend modes can be assigned to any 3D object.

Matte Objects: Use 3D geometric primitives or meshes as 3D mattes in the scene, with Z-depth and alpha control.

FBX Caching: Performance of FBX loading by caching of FBX model data.

FBX Updated: Improved importing of scenes, camera paths, lights, geometry, baked animation, etc.

FBX Exporter Exports geometry, lights, camera and animation.

ROIDS Region: Of Interest Domain System. This system allows for user-definable areas to limit processing, significantly improving performance and memory usage for large scale compositions.

File Browser: Includes image previews and metadata, with gamma control for non-linear images.

Toolbars: Can contain tools, scripts, macros and settings.

3D Navigation: Depth-cued 3D controls. Zoom to selected object, etc.

Pricing Information
Fusion 6 is available to anyone with a valid subscription license at no additional charge. Anyone who has not currently joined eyeon subscription at the time of announcement can upgrade to Fusion 6 for $695, which also includes 12 month’s of subscription upgrades. For all other pricing inquiries, please contact sales@eyeonline.com.

Source: eyeon Software