Digital Vision Announces RED One, Film Master Workflow

Digital Vision announced that all its software systems will now support footage captured with RED One cameras. With the release of RED's SDK, users of Digital Vision's Film Master will be able to grade native REDCODE RAW files, improving the workflows of feature film, broadcast programs and commercials shot on the RED One camera.

The Digital Vision announcement for Film Master and RED presents a critical advantage in the RED post-production workflow. Film Master users will benefit from Digital Vision's floating point, high dynamic range processing as well as Film Master's DVO tools that can enhance definition and detail as part of the grading and finishing. Digital Vision has integrated REDCODE RAW decoding directly into all its software products so it can work natively with R3D files. There is no import or transcode stage and users will have full access to the floating point 4k data at all times. Key to the implementation is full support for RED metadata to provide a seamless transition from dailies to conform and final grading.

Source: Digital Vision