RED Announce Monstro Sensor

More future announcements from RED camera include their next generation sensor that they are calling 'Monstro'. They also announce their the current RED camera sensor can now shoot scope with a capture of 4500 x 1800 pixels at 30p.

RED leader Jim Jannard introduced 'Monstro': "RED Digital Cinema announces the development of 'Monstro', the Mysterium sensor of the future. 'Monstro' is the sensor that removes all limitations in current sensor technology. It is expected to arrive the end of 2010. 'Monstro' will be a free upgrade to Epic, which will ship standard with the Mysterium X sensor in 2009.

We fully understand that our customers want resolution, maximum speed, incredible dynamic range, and low light capability. 'Monstro' represents the final frontier in the digital vs. film struggle. The RED 'Mysterium' sensor was a breakthrough that got the RED ONE on the map. Mysterium X takes RED to the next level. 'Monstro' is the platform that surpasses all expectations."

By Julian Mitchell, High Definition Blog