CNC Funding Goes to Occho

The first in a series of subsidies for 3-D film production in France was announced Tuesday by the Centre National de la Cinematographie, Gaul's government-backed film and TV funder.

It will give up to €60,000 ($95,000) to TeamTO Studio for its animated feature Occho kochoi. Pic tells the story of Occho, a bird who by chance is entrusted with the secrets needed to guide his flock on its annual migration to Africa. Tale is penned by Antoine Barraud, with character design by Benjamin Renner.

The CNC plans to bestow three more grants for 3-D pics this year. The money is meant to underwrite the technological developments necessary for 3-D production.

The CNC is also supporting research into active glasses, widely used in French 3-D theaters. In the fall it will convene a working group on 3-D cinema, comprising filmmakers, producers, distributors, theater owners and the technology industries.

By Ian Mundell, Variety