Calibrated Software Ships Calibrated{Q} MXF Import

Calibrated Software announced the release of Calibrated{Q} MXF Import v1.1. Part of the Calibrated{Q} QuickTime Components toolset, the new software accelerates digital acquisition workflows by enabling direct importing and editing of Panasonic P2 DVCProHD/DV50/DV25, Sony XDCAM DV25 and select OP1a DV-based MXF files in Final Cut Studio 2 applications.

Prior to the availability of Calibrated{Q} MXF Import, Final Cut Pro users needed to first create reference QuickTime movies or log and encode media before working with P2 material. In a key advancement, Calibrated Software's solution allows the separate video and audio files of the P2 MXF structure to be automatically seen as a single file by both Final Cut Pro and QuickTime. The Calibrated{Q} MXF Import v1.1 toolset additionally allows P2 DVCProHD MXF files to be viewed and played without Final Cut Pro using QuickTime Player and Calibrated Software's cross-platform DVCProHD Decode codec.

Other features highlights include:
- Instant pulldown removal (or insertion) for select frame rates.
- Up to three tracks of timecode and reelname support , with timecode conversion to pulldown frame rates.
- QuickTime Pixel Aspect Ratio, Frame Type (Progressive, Upper or Lower Interlaced) and Aperture Support.

Pricing and availability
Calibrated{Q} MXF Import is available for Macintosh OSX and Windows operating systems and can be licensed in the following options:

- DV-Base Option: Available now for $59.95 USD
- MPEG-Base Option: Mac Demo available for use with Sony IMX MXF files
- AVC-Base Option: Mac Demo available for use with Panasonic P2 AVC-Intra MXF files

Source: Calibrated Software