Aspera High-Speed File Transfer Technology Integrates with IBM Media Hub Solution Framework

Aspera announced that its whole suite of software products seamlessly integrates with the IBM Media Hub Solution Framework, enabling digital content to be moved at maximum speed with unprecedented bandwidth control, complete security and uncompromising reliability.

Specifically designed for media and entertainment providers, IBM Media Hub Solution Framework is a standards-based, services oriented architecture (SOA) approach to integrating business and media production applications into a single, streamlined, file-based workflow. High-speed file transfer capabilities - including Aspera's industry-leading fasp transport technology - complement Media Hub's open standards approach and streamlined architecture, enabling media and entertainment companies to reduce costs and get new products and services to consumers more rapidly through improved production and distribution capabilities.

The integration of Aspera high-speed file transfer technology to the IBM Media Hub Solution Framework provides customers with one of the fastest digital transport platforms available today for moving large files globally over existing network infrastructures. In addition, IBM Media Hub users will have immediate compatibility with thousands of Aspera users throughout the media and entertainment industry - allowing for faster time to market, improved agility in digital production workflows and greater responsiveness to market demand.

Source: NAB365