AFA Music Group Completes Acquisition of 3D Eye Solutions

AFA Music Group, Ltd. is pleased to announce that the Company has completed the acquisition of 3D Eye Solutions, a developer and integrators of "stereoscopic and "auto-stereoscopic" three dimensional technologies for the film, television and video game industries. 3D Eye Solutions delivers a 3D experience without 3D glasses and the process simulates true natural depth that appears to project off the screen. The Company will market its innovative integrated technologies to major film, television and video game production companies.

3D Eye Solutions' technologies are being developed to integrate with film, television and current game consoles to produce auto-stereoscopic 3D images during viewing. The Company is developing software plugins to integrate with current computer applications and hardware appliances to integrate with professional and consumer level products. It will also provide consulting, integration and media content conversions for theme parks, trade shows, corporate venues, malls, airports, stadiums and other venues.

The Company is exploring multiple avenues in which to apply its technologies in the future such as mobile technology, home computers and 3D holographic projection systems. It is currently developing its console for distribution to the commercial market with a version for use in the home to be developed in the near future.

Source: iStockAnalyst