QubeMaster Xpress from Qube Cinema

Qube Cinema announced the availability in the North American and European markets of QubeMaster Xpress which provides users the ability to convert slides, animations and videos into ready-to-use Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) that will work on any Digital Cinema Server.

Aimed at theaters equipped with digital cinema systems that would need to seamlessly screen custom material as part of their digital cinema presentation, QubeMaster Xpress allows statutory messages, custom slides and local commercials to be quickly and easily produced in-house without any prior experience in the complexities of digital cinema mastering.

QubeMaster Xpress guides the user through the process of converting JPEG and BMP images; Flash animations; and AVI and QuickTime movies into standards compliant DCPs in the DCI JPEG2000 format. Three easy steps are all it takes – choose one or more files; configure the picture and sound; name the Composition and hit go!

QubeMaster Xpress runs on any desktop or laptop computer with a dual-core processor running the Windows XP Professional, Vista Business or Vista Ultimate operating systems. A Mac OS X version is also under development.

The Qube product family has been conceived with the future in mind and provides an integrated workflow – from mastering to distribution to playback to reporting and archival. Being almost entirely software based allows the Qube system to leverage developments in the computer industry and bring to market, format independent, powerful and flexible products.

Source: Business Wire