NewSight Brings 3D Technology to the Home through it’s Virtual Camera Technology

3D Technology is coming to your living room and NewSight is bringing it there with it’s new 3D display technology called Virtual Camera Technology (VCam). The next wave in consumer entertainment will be 3D movies and videos in the home. NewSight’s VCam technology revolutionizes 3D content production by providing a simple and low cost conversion process for 3D digital cinema productions to be viewed glasses-free at home. The VCam technology will also support real-time broadcast and transmission of 3D video for glasses-free displays for 3DTV and 3D video conferencing.

The first product to incorporate VCam technology is NewSight’s newest version of its Post Production Tool Kit (PPTK 2.0). Prior to VCam, content creators were required to painstakingly render each of several video streams for MultiView displays. Now, content creators only need to render 2 video streams, while VCam computes all other video streams in a small fraction of the time it would have taken on a render farm. In addition, VCam allows for the precision real-time post-production adjustment of viewing volume and pop (outscreen effect) without time-consuming re-rendering.

Source: NewSight