eMotion Engines

eMotion Engines is a new, creative force that has the passion, drive and unlimited experience in delivering high-performance application software for transforming moving images. The motion estimation technology, which is the inspiration behind the company, is based on Algorithms developed by Academy Award winner, Dr Anil Kokaram, a world renowned expert in this field.

eSuite includes:
- DigiCrank facilitates a highly creative process that allows content shot by digital cameras at 24fps to be cranked to any speed necessary for the slo mo requirement. Special effects, location shots or close ups in commercials can all now be shot at normal speed and re cranked maintaining the maximum resolution color depth and therefore quality.

The ability to digitally re crank digital images will bring high-speed cinematography back to the set and away from the slo motion process of Film. This revolutionary process will satisfy the insatiable desire of the director, allowing him to view content just shot and re cranked on a digital display, thereby slashing production time and costs.

- Pure is a high-quality restoration engine that uses motion compensated technology applied to resolution independent (4K/2K/HD/SD) DPX files to deliver a comprehensive range of restoration options. These include noise reduction, de-flicker, stabilize, de-blotch and scratch concealment. Pure excels in the traditional post production and volume restoration environments, such as National Film Archives, providing an automotive, cost-effective restoration product.

- Transformer is a file-based standards converter for DPX files. Transformer provides the highest picture quality using eMotion Engines’ finely tuned motion estimation technology at any resolution up to and including 2K. Transformer, which incorporates aspect ratio conversion technology, satisfies the two themes for standards conversion within a post environment: a high quality master and the ability to create multiple deliveries.

- ePlayer (coming very soon) is a cost-effective review and playback tool for VFX houses and restoration. The ePlayer application allows facilities to review DPX files in a collaborative environment directly from the desktop. ePlayer delivers a resolution independent, RAM based visualisation at any resolution up to 4K with the ability to simultaneously play two shots side-by-side for comparison.

Source: BroadcastBuyer