TDVision Systems to Showcase Optimum HD-3D Stereoscopic Experience at SID 2008 Show

TDVision Systems will be presenting at SID 2008 (Society for Information Display), the convergence of stereoscopic 3D Samsung displays, the immersive TDVisor and the complete suite of TDVision applications including the stereoscopic virtual world, the AlterSpace, Dejaview, the 3D media player and a compelling demonstration of the 2D and MPEG compatible TDVCodec running on a Blu-ray disc.

The TDVCodec demonstration will demonstrate HD-3D compatibility with existing 2D infrastructures, having the same Blu-ray disc, read by any existing Blu-ray player as a 2D video stream in full High Definition, without any loss in quality, color, frame rate or resolution. When using an updated TDVReady decoder, the user will enjoy the best 3D experience at home, saving the need for a separate 3D release for Blu-ray and broadcast.

"TDVision has enabled a media breakthrough with our AlterSpace product by enabling the world's first and only stereoscopic virtual world featuring media sharing and viewing. Compatible with multiple 3D display devices, this will be the industry standard that others go by. We are proud to be a stereoscopic technology steamroller, and we are working hard to blur the boundaries between 3D cinema and gaming. Alterspace, our 3D working environment and interface is so realistic you won't believe your eyes," said Ethan Schur, Director of Product Marketing for TDVision Systems.

Attendees at SID 2008 will experience the possibilities of navigating the AlterSpace 3D environment, now enabled for Samsung 3D ready DLP, and even watch 3D videos inside this customizable AlterSpace environment. TDVision has erased the line between reality, pre-recorded images, and computer generated content.

"The TDVisor exceeded my expectations for an affordable head-worn binocular 3D display. First, the image quality has a higher pixel count and wider FOV, but more important are the separate right and left video input channels. A number of other head-worn displays have a single video input, requiring two live camera outputs that must be multiplexed before being fed into the display's single input port and then again de-multiplexed by the display itself. The TDVisor keeps it clean and simple. Two channels of input are displayed on the two near-to-eye displays," said John Merritt, expert of stereoscopic displays and applications and Chief Technology Officer of The Merritt Group. "Combined with the versatile CODECs developed by TDVision, this is an unbeatable combination, making it simple to integrate into a wide variety of stereoscopic imaging systems. What's more, when combined with a fast head-tracker for intuitive interactivity, the TDVisor will provide a significantly heightened sense of immersion for gamers and tele-robotic systems operators," he continued.

TDVision provides the user with the freedom of choice to visualize High Definition in 2D, 3D on a Texas Instruments DLP based television like those made by Samsung and Mitsubishi or in a portable and immersive fashion using the TDVisor, a head mounted display.

Source: Forbes