ProjectionDesign to Launch its 2/3D Projector

ProjectionDesign announced that it will launch its 3D projector supporting both 2D and 3D in Korea market in September.

The GP1 Active Stereo 3D projector needs to be used with active shutter glasses. The design is based on Digital IMAGE's Cube 3D with the colorwheel running at 2 times the frame rate. The Cube 3D is modified with an extra F1+ electronics board to make a single-chip active stereo projector. Each revolution of the colorwheel is assigned to one eye. The result is a reduction in color resolution and slightly distored grayscale. This distortion is corrected through a look-up table.

Even though the colorwheel spins at 2x, the two separate DLP formatters each controls one revolution of the colorwheel, processing their separate left and right datastreams. The control of the DMD is switched 120 times per second to display a true full resolution 3D stereo picture.

Source: AVING