IRIDAS Brings Stereo Tools to SpeedGrade

Introduced as an optional module for SpeedGrade in 2007, IRIDAS will now offer its DualStream stereo technology standard with the 2008 releases of SpeedGrade HD, SpeedGrade XR, and SpeedGrade DI. SpeedGrade with DualStream provides full stereoscopic functionality allowing colorists to apply inter-ocular adjustments, primary and secondaries grading, reframing, mask animation, and more - all in a real-time stereo viewing environment.

DualStream's new stereoscopic features include the ability to flip or flop each eye horizontally or vertically, fine-tune the rotation of either eye to correct camera alignment, and adjust the parallax of a shot. Changes made with any of the SpeedGrade grading and finishing tools can be applied to the combined stereo image or to individual eyes, allowing artists to match left and right. All work is saved automatically as non-destructive scripts and can be copied or edited at any time.

For stereo display DualStream supports dual SDI, dual DVI, shutter glasses, anaglyph, and pattern mode for new DLP televisions such as the Samsung line. For final output SpeedGrade supports stereo rendering to any industry standard format as left and right eye, or combined for stereo mesh television displays.

DualStream stereo technology is included at no added cost in the Mac OS X and Windows versions of SpeedGrade HD 2008, SpeedGrade DI 2008, and SpeedGrade XR 2008 - IRIDAS' new grading and finishing application for RAW Digital Cinema formats. DualStream is available as an optional module for the IRIDAS FrameCycler playback applications.

Source: IRIDAS