Insight Media Releases 2008 3D Television Report

Insight Media is pleased to announce the release of the 2008 3D Television Report. This 265-page report, written by Insight Media Senior Analysts, Matthew Brennesholtz, Art Berman, Chris Chinnock, Michael Kalmanash, Dale Maunu, Bernard Mendiburu, is priced at $3,995.

Historically, the 3DTV market has been very small, with the solution being add-ons that only worked with CRT displays. Advances in display technology and 3D video formats, plus additional 3D content from the cinema, games and other sources, means this is likely to change in the coming years. This report is designed to provide a solid technical and market analysis of the 3DTV options and forecast the penetration of this technology into the worldwide television market.

Main sections of the report include:
- Executive Summary
- Human Factors of 3D Stereo Perception
- Existing Content for 3DTV
- New 3D Content Creation
- 2DTV Display Technologies
- 3DTV Display Technologies
     - 3DTV Projection Systems (Front and rear projection)
     - 3D AMLCD Television
     - 3D Plasma Television
     - 3D OLED Television
- 3DTV Content Delivery
- Forecast and Prospects for 3DTV
- Glossary of 3D Terms and Acronyms

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