MOG Solutions Announces New Products

Toboggan enables automated ingest into AVID systems of content from various MXF sources, including SONY XDCAM, Panasonic P2, GVG Infinity and Ikegami EditCam. The new high performance Toboggan writes AVID MXF OPAtom files directly into AVID Media Folders and automatically performs check-in operations to Interplay through the new AVID Interplay Web Services interface. The new version of Toboggan ingests EDLs, including those produced by SONY PDZ-1. This feature turns pre-selection kind of EDLs into full blown sequences in a AVID timeline, linked to the high resolution material, and ingests only the portions of content that are actually needed.

MOG will unveil their new product MXFspeedrail, a rack-mounted server product that builds on the proven software-based Toboggan product to turn ingest operations into team work. Besides all the Toboggan file-based ingest functionality, MXFspeedrail also takes SDI/HDSDI input and enables remote coordination of all ingest operations in a facility. With MXFspeedrail’s intuitive web browser interface, featuring job scheduling and template-based metadata editing, logging operators can now add value to incoming assets before these are transferred into central storage and management systems such as AVID Unity and Interplay.

MOG Solutions added new plug-ins to their flagship products, the MXFComponentSuite and MXF::SDK. These include plug-ins to AVID DNxHD, AVC (H.264) and the support for Generic Streams Partition (SMPTE 410).

Source: MOG Solutions