Mitsubishi Confirms Q3 Ship Date for Laser TV, Claims 3D Capability

"Mitsubishi Digital Electrics America has confirmed it will be shipping its much vaunted laser televisions in the third quarter of this year. The new laser televisions, to be called LaserVue, boast they can display double the range of colours than current HDTV technologies allow.

“Today's HDTVs display less than 40 percent of the colour spectrum that the eye can see. Now, for the first time ever, laser produces twice the colour. Laser beams provide the widest range of rich, complex colours, along with the most clarity and depth of field,” said Mitsubishi in a statement.

In an interesting twist, Mitsubishi also claim the laser televisions can display “a true 3D viewing experience”. However, further details on how they achieve this were not available.

Mitsubishi also boasted of the technology’s ecological credentials, saying the new TVs consumed approximately half the power of today's LCD TVs, and approximately a third of plasma TV consumption."

By Chris Nicholls, Current