EVS Fully Integrates with First SMPTE VC-3 Compliant Codec, Avid DNxHD

EVS's XT[2] production server is the first server on the market to fully and natively support Avid's DNxHD codec.

This follows the recent news from Avid Technology that DNxHD, a high-quality, low bitrate HD production codec, is the first to be compliant with SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) VC-3 standards.

The Avid DNxHD codec was approved by the SMPTE organization as the framework for the VC-3 family of standards, which enable content creators to facilitate efficient encoding and exchange of HD media, and are the first SMPTE standards for intra-frame, 720/1080 raster, 8/10 bit and 4:2:2 HD post production. This VC-3 standard will enable unprecedented interoperability between any licensed users of the codec, including Avid and EVS.

The multi-channel XT[2] production server is a versatile and reliable system used for the ingest, organization, and playout of premium quality video for studio, outside broadcasting, stadium, and other live or near-live productions. Due to the XT[2] server's native support of the DNxHD codec, no transcoding process is required between the XT[2] and Avid's post production tools. Native media quality is also preserved throughout any transfer processes.

SMPTE VC-3 ( www.SMPTE.org ) is the industry’s only 720/1080 raster, low-bitrate, 8/10 bit, intra-frame, 4:2:2 HD compression standard, optimized for compositing, mastering, and multi-generational use. VC-3 is a family of documents referenced as;

SMPTE 2019-1 - VC-3 Picture Compression And Data Stream Format
SMPTE RP 2019-2 - VC-3 Decoder and Bitstream Conformance
SMPTE 2019-3 - VC-3 Type Data Stream Mapping over SDTI
SMPTE 2019-4 - Mapping VC-3 Coding Units into the MXF Generic Container

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