TRIOVIZ Brings 3-D DVD Solution

French start-up TRIOVIZ will be present at IDIFF (International DIffusion Film Forum) in Paris, France from january 30 to february 1st 2008, with their revolutionary solution that easily allows 3-D movies to be watched and enjoyed on the ordinary television screens that are already in living rooms around the world.

TRIOVIZ is the only solution available on the market that allows people to enjoy 3-D entertainment on the DVD players and TV screens they already own, immediately, inexpensively, enjoyably and comfortably.

The TRIOVIZ solution can be used today on any movie or video that has been produced in stereoscopic 3-D. The original 3-D images are simply processed with TRIOVIZ's technology. The DVDs are then manufactured as usual and shipped with special TRIOVIZ glasses. Unlike the red-and-blue 3-D glasses of the past, the innovative yet inexpensive TRIOVIZ glasses render 3-D entertainment with beautiful, natural colors and sharp images, and without any "ghosting." There is no discomfort, fatigue, eye strain or headaches.

With TRIOVIZ, 3-D movies can be enjoyed on all LCD and plasma screens, all CRT and DLP television sets, and even any laptop computer. TRIOVIZ-processed films can be played on all DVD players, including HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

TRIOVIZ's patent-pending breakthrough technology is live, available today, and unique on the market.

Christophe Brossier, CEO of TRIOVIZ, points out the immense potential: "In the next few years, hundreds of millions of people will watch dozens of major Hollywood movies in thousands of cinemas equipped with 3-D digital projection technology – including highly anticipated big-budget movies from Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, James Cameron, Robert Zemeckis and Eric Brevig; concerts from National Geographic "U2-3D" and Walt Disney "Hanna Montana-Best Of Both Worlds"; as well as animated pictures from Walt Disney, Dreamworks, ImageMovers Digital, nWave Pictures and Focus Features. The 3-D cinema release of a movie usually draws in three times more spectators than its 2-D version. Still, half of the total revenues of a Hollywood motion picture generally come from DVD sales. And until now, there was no way to release and sell a decent DVD version of a 3-D movie to the mass market. TRIOVIZ has solved that problem."

Following successful shows like IBC in Amsterdam (September 2007), MIPCOM market in Cannes, France (October 2007) and FITA (International Forum for Animation Technologies) in Angoulème, France (December 2007), Brossier (CEO) and Véronique Chalandar (Business Development) will be at IDIFF, demonstrating TRIOVIZ with a new 3-D showreel on an ordinary 46’’ HD LCD screen, on the DOREMI booth (#C2).