Sony Sets Sights on '08 D-Camera

"Sony is aiming to extend its CineAlta digital cinematography camera line with the release of a new camera in fall 2008.

Sony's Rob Willox said the F35 is being developed with a Super 35mm-sized sensor in response to requests for a larger imager. It is planned as a 10 megapixel camera largely based on Sony's latest F23 platform, with a PL-mount and support for a workflow based on HDCAM SR recording. Similar capabilities to the F23 will include over- and undercranking.

For testing purposes, a limited number of F35 preproduction cameras have been released in Japan. The F35 is expected to list for about $250,000 (without lens).

Willox also reported that Sony is developing a 4K camera that is "not for (the National Association of Broadcasters convention) this year or next year but in the future that is a direction we are going to. ... We don't want to do a low-end 4K camera system."

CineAlta service facilities are being planned for Burbank and on the East Coast.

The F23 shipped in the spring and was used to shoot Larry and Andy Wachowski's upcoming "Speed Racer."

By Carolyn Giardina, The Hollywood Reporter