Nativ - Mio

Mio is a state-of-the-art media management and workflow platform, designed to automate the process of ingesting, validating, cataloguing, re-purposing and distributing digital media across any platform.

Mio is available in two forms: Mio Core - a standalone media management library for easy integration into wider workflows and Mio Workflow - a turnkey media management and workflow engine.

Ingestion and Validation
Many companies wish only to ingest and process video and audio content conforming to a rigid set of file formats and with certain codecs and video/audio parameters. (Mio doesn’t treat a media file as merely a ‘blob’ of data but understands the structural contents of each file from video and audio streams and codecs to frame sizes and bit rates.) Mio validates against a vast array of file, video, audio and descriptive meta-data information for all the major rich-media formats and enables a user or system to compare each incoming file against a configurable rule-set. When configured against watch-folders or listening to enterprise messages, it will understand why certain files have not met the required specifications and fire off enterprise-wide notifications and alerts according to configurable rules.

Increasingly, businesses require a means of sorting and filtering media files according to a wide range of parameters, such as formats (ASF, QT, WMV, Real), codecs (H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2), screen size, bit rate, aspect ratio (NTSC, PAL) – the list is endless. Mio enables a user or system to filter incoming files and streams for further processing according to a vast range of configurable rules.

Mio enables the extraction and storage of a large amount of useful file meta-data for validating, crossreferencing, search and auditing purposes - from thumbnail and closed-captioning data to structural meta-data and video/audio stream information. Extracting and storing such information enables users to search, sort and preview their media content by a wide-range of criteria from bit rate and codec to copyright information and thumbnail previews - as well as add additional meta-data.

It’s often important to repurpose content originating from outside an organisation. Mio can delete or inject file meta-data (copyright, author and description etc.) directly from or into a file without the need for an expensive transcode. In addition, Mio integrates with a range of off-theshelf transcoding engines and DRM solutions for full format conversion and protection prior to distribution.

Mio can be configured to distribute content and meta-data to a wide range of destinations using its configurable workflow engine. With its virtual- and journaling file system it effortlessly manages and audits file transport over a range of protocols – from SFTP and HTTP to SMB/CIFS and NFS.