DTS Digital Cinema Launches KeyPort D-Cinema Security Key Management System

"DTS Digital Cinema is announcing its breakthrough digital cinema security key management server, KeyPort, to be shown at ShowEast 2007.

The DTS KeyPort security key management server solves the security key distribution and management problem for distributors and exhibitors by providing a straightforward system for delivering the correct security keys to the theatre. KeyPort is a KDM (Key Delivery Message) management server utilizing open protocols to enable the communication of security keys from any KDM distributor. In addition, DTS KeyPort provides the tools necessary at the exhibition site to simplify and automate the management of KDMs by those entities so equipped and authorized. The device also offers secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) routing and firewall to protect exhibition networks from unauthorized access.

"Delivering the correct security keys to the theatre is the most fundamental problem that distributors and exhibitors face today in digital cinema," says Bill Elswick, Chief Technologist, DTS Digital Cinema. "The KeyPort is offered as a standalone system which can be used with any server and projection system and makes the process of delivering the correct KDM to the theatre open and transparent. Our system is standards-based and eliminates the need for gatekeepers in security key management."

KeyPort is one of several innovative solutions in the complete digital cinema product lineup offered by DTS Digital Cinema which includes the FilmStore digital cinema player, FilmStore Central ingest and central storage system, and the FilmStore Director content management software."

Source: BroadcastBuyer