Doremi Technologies: SATIS 2007 Press Preview

4K video player
The DSV-J2 is a HD video, 3D, stereoscopic, 2K and 4K player designed for large screen and special venue applications. The DSV-J2 supports the playback of MPEG2 and JPEG2000 MXF files at resolutions up to 4K. It provides the latest playback technology for A/V installations that target a more immersive and unique experience for their audience. The DSV-J2 (3RU) supports playback in high definition (1920x1080), 2K (2048x1080) and, by adding the MB-4K media block (1RU), 4K (4096x2160) JPEG2000, with 3D provided for in HD and 2K resolutions. Super widescreen playback (Stereoscopic) is achieved by sending a unique SDI stream to each of two projectors.

First 4K player and display bundle
The DSV-MB4K-56P bundle is the first solution on the market for playback and display in 4K native (2160 x 3840 or 4096) image size. This has wide applications including post-production HD and cinema, colour grading, corporate and events communication and high resolution display for science and industry.

The DSV-MB4K-56P bundle comprises a JPEG2000 ‘cinema master’ quality player complying with AFNOR NF S27-100, DCI 1.1 and SMPTE DC28 recommendations; a 4K media block allowing decompression of native 4K JPEG2000 media in 2160 x 4096 and outputting to the display in quadruple dual link HD-SDI, or quadruple DVI; and a 56-inch 4K native resolution flat screen with quadruple dual link HD-SDI inputs.

The playback and display quality represent the leading edge of available technology with 4K resolution, 4:4:4 sampling (no colour sub-sampling), 36-bit colour depth (3x12, up to 68 billion colours), colour space of RGB, XYZ or X’Y’Z’ (after digital cinema gamma correction). Media are supplied by industry-standard mastering chains and are loaded via a Gigabit network or USB2 disk. An intuitive touchscreen interface allows selection of media and assembly into playlists for manual or automated replay using an embedded scheduler. The player can also integrate into an existing environment via 16x GPI’s.

Complete, compact HD player solution
The popular stand-alone Nugget video player with high quality HD and SD video file playback at up 80Mb/s 4:2:2 is now offered with the new Doremi Asset Manager (DAM) software. DAM simplifies the selection and Ethernet transfer of video files such as QuickTime, MXF, AVI, and WMV to the Nugget’s internal hard drive. The Asset Manager includes an intuitive playlist generator to provide quick and easy playback. This will increase the appeal of this popular universal media playback solution that is used in museums, the rental industry, stages and events, broadcast, studio screens… Output formats include DVI, HD-SDI, SDI and composite video.

Low cost uncompressed HD disk recorder
The affordable V1-UHD/LE is an uncompressed 4:2:2 HD-SDI video disk recorder that excels both in A/V applications, where video material is frequently updated, and in broadcast and post production serving as a drop-in replacement for professional HD videotape recorders. Holding up to 80 minutes on its two internal removable hard drives its A/V applications include theme parks, museums, concerts and other stage events. It provides uncompressed video quality for an unbeatable combination of features and price.

The DMS-2000 Digital Mastering Station includes real-time DCI JPEG2000 encoding and encryption, etc. It is in use by many major digital cinema mastering facilities.

The DCP-2000 is the DCI JPEG2000 and MPEG2 MXF player server that is the most installed Digital Cinema server to date. From the start it has included a high degree of security for the movie data. DCP-2000 cinema servers built to FIPS standards will start shipping in Q1, 2008. FIPS level 3 provides the DCP-2000 with the highest level of protection required by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI) specifications to secure the motion-picture files used in the cinema server.

DSM to DCDM assistance
The new Cocoon is an image conversion software package designed to help aspects of the digital cinema mastering process; specifically creating the digital cinema distribution master (DCDM) from the digital source master (DSM) created by post-production. Cocoon provides colour space conversion, typically from production’s RGB to digital cinema’s X'Y'Z', and includes look-up tables (LUTs) for colour adjustment and other tools all working up to 4K image size.

Theatre automation – supports last-minute screen changes
TLMS-2000 is a central theatre automation and library management system to support multiplex cinema operation. Besides offering the automation of routines such as opening the curtains and dimming the lights, it also provides support for last-minute screen changes, so the full flexibility of digital presentations is available to respond to the latest screening demands."