Dailymotion Strengthens its Protected Video Detection System with Ina's "Signature" Technology

"Ina, the world's largest digitalised image bank, and Dailymotion, the leading worldwide independent video sharing site, today announced the signing of a partnership agreement. Its aim is the more effective protection of videos which are covered by copyright on the Dailymotion platform by the use of Ina's "Signature" technology.

Developed by Ina research teams, the technology will soon be introduced on six localised Dailymotion sites in the 13 languages currently available. This solution will enable more effective detection of protected videos as they arrive at the video sharing platform. If content is first signed and protected by a producer or a broadcaster using "Signature" technology, it can be automatically detected, and thus rejected, before being put online. The solution will thus enable Dailymotion to bolster its global system for the detection of content protected by copyright, and to focus instead on content supplied by its media partners, or produced by site users thanks to its exclusive MotionMaker programme (1,800 creators to date).

Ina's innovative technology is based on a signature, or digital fingerprint, which constitutes a unique genetic code for a sequence of images.

Canal+ announced in mid-July 2007 that it was intending to use this technology to protect its content. Other broadcasters and producers are expected to shortly announce their adoption of this technology to sign their audiovisual content, and thereby prevent any unauthorised use.

The new agreement reflects Dailymotion's repeatedly asserted determination to collaborate with copyright holders. This is why the company is setting up a comprehensive system to combat copyright violations. After introducing a hashing system to block videos which have already been rejected, and an audio fingerprinting solution, Dailymotion is once again demonstrating its commitment to the cultural community by choosing highly efficient Ina video fingerprinting technology which has gained widespread recognition."

Source: Ina