Barco & Cinemeccanica Further Strengthening their Cooperation with a Value Added Partnership

"Barco and Cinemeccanica, are strengthening their existing collaboration with a Value Added Partnership. With this agreement Cinemeccanica will have access to the new range of 0.98", 2K digital DLP Cinema projectors from Barco which will allow them to promote and develop the world of digital cinema together.

After two and half successful years of joint digital cinema market development, Barco and Cinemeccanica will further strengthen their partnership by establishing Cinemeccanica as a value added partner. Under the terms of the agreement, Cinemeccanica will have the prime responsibility to promote, sell and support the new range of Barco’s 2K digital cinema projectors for much of the southern part of Europe including France, Spain, Portugal and of course Italy.

With its headquarters in Milan, Italy, and a well established, extensive sales and service network, Cinemeccanica is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cinema equipment. Along with the current product line up, Cinemeccanica will now also sell and support the new DP-2000 and DP-1500 digital cinema projectors both of which incorporate Texas Instrument’s 0.98 inch DLP Cinema chip. This remarkable new 0.98 inch DMD (Digital Micro-mirror Device) offers the same pixel resolution (2048x1080) as its larger 1.2 inch counterpart, but its smaller size offers significant advantages. For the projector and the digital cinema facility itself, this new technology translates directly into a smaller, more compact package, lower power consumption, lower operating costs and longer lamp run-times — without sacrificing Barco’s renowned image quality, modularity or system flexibility.

The DP-2000 is Barco’s new platform for large and mid-market venues, and is designed for screens up to 20m (65') wide. The DP-1500 is Barco’s new mid and small-venue projector, designed for screens up to 15m (49') wide. In particular, the DP-1500 is ideal for applications that could not previously accommodate (or afford) a full 2K system.

As part of the agreement, Barco and Cinemeccanica may also - in the future - investigate other areas of cooperation such as co-development of value added functionality."

Source: BroadcastBuyer