Swarmcast Expands Availability of its Autobahn Accelerator to Support Veoh.com

"Autobahn Accelerator, the free tool that boosts download speeds for online videos, is now available for Veoh.com. Autobahn Accelerator enhances the user experience for Veoh subscribers by providing faster video loading and more reliable streaming of bonus content, television shows and movie previews, including NBC’s “Heroes,” Showtime’s “Weeds” and Lionsgate’s “Good Luck Chuck.”

Autobahn Accelerator for Veoh has been developed by Swarmcast, the provider of multi-source streaming technology for high-quality online video delivery. It is the third in a series of accelerators from Swarmcast and follows the launch of Autobahn Accelerator for iTunes and MySpaceTV earlier this year.

Users that download the latest version of Autobahn Accelerator will significantly reduce the download times of music, movies, TV episodes and other videos from the iTunes store, and improve streaming performance on MySpaceTV and Veoh.com. Autobahn ensures reliable streaming, minimizing both the frustration of waiting for videos to start and re-buffering, even over a wireless network. By installing the Autobahn Accelerator for Veoh once, users can increase the streaming rate of videos hosted on Veoh.com as well as videos hosted by Veoh and embedded on sites throughout the Internet by up to 15 times faster than before.

Autobahn Accelerator applications can be installed easily in seconds. Autobahn Accelerator runs in the background, automatically accelerating downloads of music or videos from supported sites. The tool is completely free of adware and spyware. Autobahn Accelerator is currently available for users with Windows 2000, Windows XP, and 32-bit Vista, running Internet Explorer 6 and 7, as well as Firefox. It will soon be OS X compatible.

Swarmcast’s Autobahn Accelerator utilizes patent pending technology to optimize consumers’ broadband connections by creating multiple connections to the requested content, and downloads it over those connections in parallel. By creating multiple connections, Autobahn allows downloads to approach the maximum inbound rate of a user’s broadband connection."

Source: StreamingMedia