SquareHead Technology - AudioScope

SquareHead Technology has developed a high-performance audio capturing system that allows the operator to zoom in audio a particular object, in a similar way we are used to zoom in picture with a camera, and record the audio. The AudioScope is perfect for separate sound sources in a complex noisy environment. You can zoom in and hear audio you never have been able to hear before. In addition to real-time zoom function, the operator also has the freedom to move back in time and zoom in on an object in the same way as in real-time. This unique functionality is great for producing replays for sports broadcasting.

The AudioScope consists of one or more microphone arrays, a signal distribution unit, a signal processing unit and a storage system. Inside the microphone array there is a wide-angle camera to provide live video to the user interface. The massive signal processing power provide real-time processing of audio from hundreds of microphone elements in the array. The system works by using phase delay, spatial filtering, and being optimized for speech. As the cursor is moved the system automatically adjusts the phase delay of the 300 microphones to grab audio from upwards of hundreds of meters in quieter situations.

The system has a very intuitive user interface to enable fast and accurate operation of the AudioScope. The AudioScope control panel and a monitor is easily integrated in your production environment. The live picture from the integrated camera is displayed on the monitor and the operator simply uses the trackball to point where to zoom and capture the sound. It's all designed to make an uncomplicated production in an extremely hectic outside broadcast production situation.

Key functions:
- High directivity. Attenuates audio sources outside the audio focus with up to -30 dB.
- Real-time zoom. Zoom in players or regions at the field where the action is.
- Post event zooming for replay. Full functionality in post processing gives the producer the freedom to go back in time to capture an incident.
- Multiple static sound regions. Listen to the comments from the coach bench.
- Integration with industry standard cameras and tripods that deliver coordinates of the camera lens focus and zoom.
- Multi-channel system for 5.1 surround sound for HDTV.

Pricing for the system is approximately $210,000.