SGT Integrates MXF Into Its VEDA Software Suite

"SGT has confirmed its determination to offer customers the most seamless, open and dependable workflow by partnering with MOG Solutions to keep track of all media associated information.

MOG Solutions is a world leader in professional MXF and metadata technology. SGT ingests MXF metadata to make it available throughout the workflow and the media’s life-cycle.

With VEDA’s MXF interface, you now manage your metadata can be seamlessly and efficiently managed. Crucial metadata does not have to be retyped anymore, therefore time is saved to fully secure media operations.

MXF Interface, as part of SGT's VEDA software suite, comes also as a standard feature of SGT’s bundled end-to-end solutions: VEDA 100 and VEDA150.

VEDA’s MXF interface is bound to evolve as new metadata standards and new market demands emerge."

Source: BroadcastBuyer