International Datacasting and Sensio Technologies Join Forces to Offer Integrated 3D Digital Cinema Broadcast Solutions

"International Datacasting Corporation and Sensio Technologies announced today that they have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop and offer complete end-to-end integrated broadcast solutions for 3D digital and e-cinema.

The strategic agreement combines and builds on the complementary leading-edge technologies and products of the two companies. Under the agreement, Sensio will be providing their expertise in 3D digital content encoding and decoding and IDC will be providing their broadband satellite distribution networks expertise. The companies intend to offer their integrated solution for broadcasting live 3D sporting and cultural events and also for the distribution of movie files to the emerging international digital and e-cinema market.

Sensio’s 3D technology, originally developed for the consumer 3D entertainment market, transforms stereoscopic high-definition video (e.g. from dual HD cameras) into a format that can be efficiently distributed over standard infrastructure intended for 2D broadband using existing protocols and then transforms the content back into 3D video for direct digital projection. The technology features visually loss-less stereoscopic compression and is compatible with all existing and future 3D projection technologies for 2D or 3D viewing. The Sensio 3D Live! Encoder was first introduced at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) annual convention in Las Vegas earlier this year and the companion Sensio Cinema Decoder has been launched at IBC.

IDC’s SuperFlex technology, along with their Datacast XD content management and distribution software, is a family of products and systems solutions for the implementation of secure broadband satellite broadcasting networks using Internet Protocol (IP) and the industry’s Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard. The company’s DVB-IP systems are in use worldwide for a variety of multimedia point-to-multipoint distribution applications including IPTV, syndicated TV, broadcast radio, news/financial information services and digital cinema. The technology features open standards for content connectivity, a variety of standard encryption and conditional access options, proven network management and a suite of advanced application-specific satellite receivers that are interoperable with terrestrial IP networks including the Internet."

Source: Digital Cinema Info