Harmonic Supports Video Content Acquisition from Virtually any Source with Integrated On-Demand Software

"Harmonic has introduced MediaPrism, a powerful suite of integrated content preparation tools ideal for creation of on-demand video assets from any source (tapes, DVD, live broadcast, Web or user-generated content).

Bringing together Harmonic's CLEARcut offline storage encoding, LIVEcut scheduler, Rhozet Carbon Coder universal transcoding solution and Ingest Gateway, MediaPrism offers operators a powerful, unique and easy to manage solution for video-on-demand (VOD) content preparation.

In order to provide consumers with a compelling VOD service, cable, telco and satellite operators need to continuously add to the library of available video assets. Furthermore, as the video landscape continues to shift toward anytime viewing on any device, they must also expand the types of VOD assets to encompass not only the movies and TV shows generally available today, but also programming created for Web delivery and user-generated content.

In conjunction with Harmonic's market-leading DiviCom encoders, CLEARcut converts tape and DVD-based content into professional VOD assets and prepares the relevant metadata. Linear broadcast channels are captured using the LIVEcut scheduler, in conjunction with Harmonic's ProStream 1000 with Mentor re-encoding technology for conversion of variable bit-rate content to constant bit-rate format required for unicast service delivery. LIVEcut's advanced rule-based scheduling engine provides operators with the most compact, integrated and flexible solution available today for capture of hundreds of broadcast channels for anytime on-demand viewing. The Rhozet Carbon Coder software also makes it possible for traditional service providers to add user-generated content to the lineup with its highly versatile transcoding capabilities. The video assets are processed for ingestion to the on-demand server by Harmonic's Ingest Gateway."

Source: BroadcastBuyer