ENCO Releases Affordable Phonetica Search System For Broadcast Audio Archives

ENCO Systems has announced the immediate release of Phonetica2, a new phonetic-based search system for digital audio, targeted to the broadcast industry.

Phonetica2 is available as an integrated module in ENCO’s DAD Digital Audio Delivery system. The module allows users to search through a library of audio files containing spoken material and find specific words or phrases simply by typing them. Phonetica2 is a robust audio search tool incorporating the latest advances in speech technology offered at a price affordable by even small content producers.

Gene Novacek, President of ENCO Systems said, “With the release of Phonetica2, broadcasters can easily and quickly search massive libraries of news actualities, programs or other spoken material to locate material that using other methods would have required hours or days to find, in some cases, impossible. We think that Phonetica2 will be an ideal addition to news, talk and sports radio formats plus any broadcaster who archives large amounts of audio.”

According to Vice President of Sales and Marketing Don Backus, “Phonetica2 is truly accessible hightechnology. It’s simple to use, fast and quite accurate. You just type the words you’re looking for and press the SEARCH button. Then, in order of accuracy, your list of audio cuts where the words appear is displayed. You can then either press PLAY to hear the audio in question or click on EDIT and begin working with the targeted audio.”

Source: BroadcastBuyer