Colour Decision List Plug-in for Autodesk’s Lustre

To carry colour choices through the workflow from production to post, the Digital Intermediate subcommittee of the American Society of Cinematographers has been developing a Colour Decision List (CDL). Functioning like an editor’s Edit Decision List, or EDL, but for colour-grading choices, the CDL is designed to carry the cinematographer’s choices through the digital workflow and increase efficiency.

French-based software developer Cedric Lejeune of Workflowers has been working on a CDL plug-in for Autodesk’s Lustre colour-grading platform. "I have a Lustre CDL plug-in plus a few others currently in development," says Lejeune. "At the moment, the CDL plug-in loads the nine supported values (we are waiting for an official statement for saturation parameter), can edit them, load/save a CDL file and export a 2D LUT to use as an input LUT in Lustre. This can be used in other software, too. "At the moment, the plug-in is in beta and not available to the public, but clients can contact me if they need it now."

Source: BroadcastPapers