CloseVU Garners IBC 2007 Pick Hit Award

"CloseVU was awarded the IBC 2007 Pick Hit Award for its brand new CloseVU Live Producer solution.

CloseVU Producer allows content editors to easily transform conventional HD and SD media to produce rich content for a compelling mobile experience. "Smart Zoom" technology lets editors frame and zoom to adapt images for mobile TV delivery. "Smart Zoom" computes framing parameters, focuses on the object of interest, fine tunes and stabilizes the images for a "natural" camera view that optimizes small screen viewing.

CloseVU Live Producer is a unique solution to deliver enhanced, high quality video coverage of live events, such as action-packed sports matches, to mobile devices. With the simple-to-use CloseVU Live Producer editors can re-frame and re-size their content within the safety of a predetermined buffer, to show the best camera angles and close-ups for the small screen. The software allows editors to zoom in on the action in just a few seconds and deliver a mobile-friendly version with smooth, natural camera angles and quality close-ups. CloseVU Live Producer will easily integrate into production workflows with SDI or Analog video connectors.

CloseVU is an innovative start-up that develops production tools that allow editors to adapt video content to formats that are optimized for viewing on the small screen of Mobile TV. CloseVU products are aimed mainly at content creators, television stations, and mobile telecom operators. CloseVU has developed unique image processing algorithms and technologies to adapt and repurpose original HD or SD video content to Mobile TV."

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Source: BroadcastBuyer