3D Biz Ex Exhibitors to Feature Cutting-edge 3D Display Technologies

Exhibitors at the upcoming 3D Biz Ex, September 18-19, 2007 will be featuring the latest in cutting-edge 3D display technologies. 3D displays "have to be seen" and the assembling of many 3D displays in one exhibition hall will provide 3D Biz Ex attendees with an opportunity to experience and assess the different 3D display technologies. This is a rare event - most 3D displays are shown only at specialized vertical market events and rarely in close proximity.

See below for a list of some of the exhibitors and the 3D products they will be exhibiting :

DDD will be exhibiting a range of mass-market 3D content and display solutions for PC, mobile telephones and television. The solutions, marketed under DDD's TriDef 3D brand include :

- Sharp Corporation's AL3D 'glasses-free' 3D notebook PC that includes DDD's TriDef DVD Player that converts conventional 2D DVD content to 3D automatically. DDD and Sharp entered into a licensing agreement in October 2003 for DDD to provide a range of 3D software solutions for Sharp's 3D notebook computers that are sold in Japan and the United States.

- A Cingular 2125 (HTC Faraday) mobile telephone handset equipped with an Ocuity 2.2 'glasses-free' 3D display and DDD Mobile. DDD Mobile is DDD's comprehensive mobile phone content solution that has recently been licensed to one of the world's top five mobile handset manufacturers. DDD Mobile performs real time conversion of photos and videos on the handset and also supports the download of premium 3D mobile content.

- DDD's TriDef Vision set top box together with an LCD TV equipped with Arisawa Manufacturing's Micropol polarizing material. Vision converts conventional video signals from DVD players, cable, satellite and games consoles to 3D automatically and is a key component of the TriDef 3D TV solution being marketed to leading consumer electronics companies by DDD and Arisawa. Arisawa's polarizing materials form the basis for today's 3D Digital Cinema solution that is marketed by RealD.

i-Art will be exhibiting its "Auto3D Display" is a device of Autostereoscopic Display or a 3D LCD Monitor, which is prepared for those who need a 3D display without glasses for their specific applications like 3D Navigation, 3D Kiosk, Advertisement, Education, Entertainment, Scientific Research, Commercial 3D Presentation, etc. It is positioned as a dedicated 3D display device for professional and commercial use. i-Art also offers a series of professional authoring tools for your options to facilitate producing multiple-view 3D images :

- The "Cinema3D " is an economic and cost-effective 3D projection solution with just a single DLP projector for small business sites, educational training, learning and home entertainment purposes. It is basically composed of a "Cinema3D Card" with two pairs of wireless 3D Glasses, one Infrared Emitter Unit and a "Cinema3D Player".

- The "EZ3D Photo Print" is basically designed for those who have photo printer and digital camera, and want to do something amusing and special for the photos. Indeed, it can help you easily create 3D photos with your existed normal 2D photos.

Dolby 3D Digital Cinema is an exciting extension of Dolby Digital Cinema, an established, proven technology. Dolby continues to revolutionize the cinema experience by developing a new 3D solution that meets the needs of exhibitors, filmmakers and moviegoers.

Eclipse 3D Systems will exhibit a novel 3D format for 3D cinema and home theater. Four primary colors are used to superimpose left and right-eye images. This format produces full-color 3D when viewed through color filter glasses.

Barco will exhibit various display solutions available to comprehensively visualize information in high definition, stereo 3D and facilitate team-based collaboration. Barco representatives will open your eyes to ground-breaking 3D visualization technologies that can be used across a wide range of industries and applications to help companies increase productivity, minimize training requirements, and reduce visualization room support.

Sensio Technologies will exhibits its 3D S3D220 ASIC Chip, a 3D high definition decoder chip which also features JVC's unique real time 2D to 3D conversion technology. The chip decodes Sensio 3D content and formats it in a plurality of supported stereoscopic formats ranging from anaglyphic to dual stream and alternating images (page flipping). The Sensio 3D chip is designed for seamless integration in home theatre consumer products such as HDTV (plasma, LCD, DLP, etc.), DVD players and AV receivers.

Mitsubishi's latest innovations include x.v.Color powered by "6 Color Processor", a new HDTV industry standard with a wider color gamut for digital televisions. While most TVs use three colors, Mitsubishi uses six to deliver a wider range of rich, true-to-life colors and whiter whites. The new standard will broaden the range of colors, adding shades of cyan or bright green, which should lead to more natural-looking colors. This year the company revolutionized television design with its new "Ultra Thin Frame" cabinets, allowing the Mitsubishi 46-inch 1080p LCDTV to fit in the space of a 42-inch plasma.

Building on its rich history of innovative display technology, Planar has developed a line of stereoscopic 3D monitors to meet the demands of professionals in the geospatial intelligence, medical imaging, molecular modeling, oil & gas exploration, scientific visualization and other complex application. Planar's StereoMirror technology exhibits unsurpassed stereoscopic image quality, comfortable viewing and a simple design that is easy to setup and use.

Progeny 3D Imaging is a pioneer in delivering glasses-free 3D content for Auto-stereoscopic displays and will exhibit a content-rich and visually attractive production solution that is tailored specifically to clients' needs.

e-MDT will feature its 3D HMD solutions and stereoscopic display device, a one chip solution for 3D technology based on Micro Display Driver IC design technique.

The Pavonine Stereoscopic 3D Display makes it possible to view real 3D on a LCD monitor, which means the content literally jumps out of the screen and shows depth deep into the screen! Pavonine is offering displays that achieve this with the help of polarized glasses or also totally glasses-free. Screen sizes from 17" to 32", internal image formatting technology and 2D-3D switchablility make our Dimen and Miracube monitors the leading solutions in the 3D Display sector.

NewSight offers one of the most extensive 3D Screen product lines on the market, from 4" to 183".