Cinema Buying Group-NATO issues Digital Cinema Request For Proposals

"The Cinema Buying Group-NATO (CBG-NATO) issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) to digital cinema equipment and service providers on behalf of the members of the CBG-NATO — small to medium-sized independent theaters in the United States and Canada (more than 4,000 screens represented).

Through the RFP, CBG-NATO members seek to acquire digital cinema equipment and service on favorable terms, funded in whole or part through “virtual print fee” (VPF) arrangements, which ensure their ability to provide high quality and reliable digital exhibition service to patrons in their markets.

“The CBG and NATO believe that smaller and regional independent theater companies deserve a fair opportunity to participate in the digital cinema revolution,” said J. Wayne Anderson, CBG-NATO Managing Director and independent theater operator. “This RFP will help bring the benefits of digital cinema to theater patrons across North America.”

The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals from qualified vendors to provide digital cinema equipment and service to the members of the CBG, and to determine as promptly as possible thereafter which vendor’s proposal best suits the needs and interests of the members of the CBG.

The RFP will be posted on the CBG website and the NATO website. To be considered, all proposals must be received by the CBG not later than 12 noon (EDT), Friday, September 28, 2007.

At the time of the issuance of this RFP, CBG management intends to select a digital cinema equipment and service vendor for its members before the end of the calendar year 2007."