"Digital Projection in Cinema" by french CNC

"Following Daniel Goudineau's report and subsequent debates and developments, the purpose of this document is to submit for discussion by the various parties concerned the CNC's intermediary position on the main issues raised by digital projection in cinemas. The aim is to define the general framework for deploying digital projection, then, on this basis, to analyse the economic conditions for this deployment, and prepare the measures that appear necessary.

The CNC (National Centre of Cinematography) wishes to assist the introduction of digital projection while respecting the exhibitors' freedom of choice; to anticipate developments that fall outside the fundamental principles indicated below, and to prepare for the initial phase, which is characterised by the coexistence of the two screening methods in the short- and medium-term, and the maintenance of physical supports for digital projection.

Digital projection in cinemas needs to be implemented according to the fundamental principles that lie behind the approaches and proposals explored in this document, which aim to guarantee the continued existence of the current system with its diversity of programming and high level of creativity, as follows:
- the quality and security of digital projection.
- a similar technological level for all cinemas.
- the neutrality of technology regarding the prevailing relations between the various players in the film network (guarantee of independent programming).

The approaches laid out above as regards the technical, economic and legal points of view should be considered as working guidelines to be studied by the professionals, in view of aiding preparations for digital projection in cinemas through discussion."

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