Thomson To Unveil Prototypes & Proof Of Concepts For New Products & Technologies At NAB 2007

"Thomson's Technology division is cementing its leadership position in media and entertainment technology research with a series of prototypes and proof of concepts for new products and technologies at NAB 2007.

The DiscPack is a prototype for a portable, high-end electronic camera recording system that stores up to two hours of uncompressed 2K content, making it the most efficient device of its kind, to date. The distributed I/O scheduler demonstrates technology that maximizes performance of a storage system shared by multiple applications. The prototype enables the simultaneous ingest, processing and output, in real-time, of up to four 2K data streams in real-time.

The digital media archiving proof of concept lays out a powerful, visually lossless compression solution for pre-release digital content. It offers the most efficient, space-saving mezzanine compression solution for file-based workflows. The digital media packaging and delivery proof of concept details a single master solution for all content delivery channels, including digital cinema.

Thomson's Technology division will also showcase, among other prototypes and proof of concepts, conclusive research in: real-time, 2K proxies during 4K scanning; metadata collection; debanding; real-time 2K/4K streaming via WAN; high bit-depth video processing and compression; wireless mobile distribution; and video delivery over DVB-H and WiFi systems."