Silicon Imaging Announces Availability of SI-2K Digital Cinema

"Silicon Imaging in partnership with AltaSens announced the availability of the SI-2K series of digital cinema cameras, a DCI-spec 2K digital cinema camera solution powered by the ProCamHD 4562 CMOS color sensor.

The 2/3" ProCamHD 4562 CMOS color sensor gives the SI-2K cameras the flexibility to shoot at various 2K Digital Cinema Initiative compliant formats and frame-rates for theatrical distribution, and at standard 1080P Progressive HD frame-rates for general broadcast television production. In addition, the high-speed readout and region-of-interest capabilities of the ProCamHD 4562 allows the SI-2K to shoot at up to 150 frames-per-second for slow-motion visual effects.

Unlike current-generation HD cameras, which destructively process and compress their imagery at the acquisition stage, the SI-2K streams images as raw "digital negatives" over a standard gigabit Ethernet connection. An Intel Core 2 Duo processor-based system non-destructively processes the raw digital negatives in real time to the visually perfect CineForm RAW codec where up to four hours of continuous footage can be captured on a single 160GB notebook drive.

The SI-2K camera incorporates a new set of capture, camera control, 3D color correction, metadata management and display tools. It enables cinematographers to get ideal exposure, focus and composition and enables them to communicate their desired look to the post-production team.

The SI-2K MINI with SiliconDVR recording software, embedded SpeedGrade technology, and universal lens-mount system bundled with an included PL-mount option is $14,500 and available now, with shipment in 1-2 weeks.

The SI-2K, which includes an embedded version of SiliconDVR recording software and integrated SpeedGrade technology, is $23,500. Orders are currently available with shipping in June. Silicon Imaging is also announcing a special NAB promotional discount of $2000 off the retail price for orders placed by April 30, 2007."