RED Digital Cinema Announces New Camera, Lenses, 4K Displays and 4K Projectors to Come

"In their new super-sized tent at NAB 2007 RED Digital Cinema were showing working RED One cameras, just weeks away from shipping to customers. They are also showing footage from an upcoming Peter Jackson WW1 movie shot in New Zealand with two RED One prototypes.

With their credibility now firmly established as they deliver the first RED One cameras later this month, RED Digital Cinema can no longer be dismissed. So when they announce amazing new low price points for Prime and Zoom lenses, it's time to sit up and pay attention. Announced Monday are a compact 18-50mm f2.8 close focus zoom for US$6,500 projected for "Summer 2007".

Also announced were a set of prime lenses: 15mm f2.8, 25mm f1.9, 35mm f1.9, 50mm f1.9, 85mm f1.9, with a price of US$20,000 for the complete set of five lenses, which are expected to be available in "Fall 2007". These Prime Lenses are not available individually, only as a set, but when the set costs considerably less than any other single Prime, I can't imagine that being a problem for anyone.

The previously announced 300mm Prime and 18-85 zoom lenses are still on the roadmap.

RED also announced that they are developing a "Professional Pocket Camera" - a miniature camera with few details announced other than "it won't be made of plastic" !

Also exciting is that RED Digital Cinema will be producing a new line of 4K displays (none currently available from any source) and a new 4K projector. If they keep the same breakthrough price and performance ratio I think I might just set up that home theater after all !"