THX launches cinema services program to help accelerate D-Cinema adoption

"THX, the leading provider of technologies, certification programs and quality assurance standards for the entertainment industry, today launched THX Cinema Services, a turnkey solution to support the cinema industry’s transition from film to digital projection systems. Barco, a global leader in digital cinema, has selected THX Cinema Services as a preferred service provider for future installations of its digital projection systems.

With a network of highly trained technicians, THX Cinema Services will focus on the installation, calibration, maintenance and service of D-Cinema equipment, analog projection and audio equipment, as well as training of cinema personnel.

THX Cinema Services addresses the growing need for technical expertise to support North American cinema screens that will make the transition from film to digital. It offers a comprehensive set of service offerings for D-Cinema and analog projection, within both THX Certified and non-Certified venues, including installation, project management and support. Additionally, THX Cinema Services technicians will be trained to work with a variety of cinema equipment manufacturers and technology formats to ensure the highest quality from venue to venue."