Kinoton and DVC Presented Digital 3D Workshop at "Insight Out"

"One of the many interesting issues at the "Insight Out" symposium of the renowned HFF Film and Television University "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam were the options and potentials offered by stereoscopic D-Cinema, emphasized by an impressive 3D presentation featuring a Kinoton DCP 70 L Digital Cinema Projector and a DVC ClipDisk 3D.

One of this year's workshops dealt with stereoscopic 3D projection. At the lecture held by Harald Naether (DVC Digitalvideo GmbH), several trailers and short films were presented so the audience could convince themselves of the excellent projection quality of stereoscopic D-Cinema.

The audience thought it very interesting that the DCP 70 L Digital Cinema Projector, which Kinoton had installed at the HFF a few weeks ago, can not only present normal digital cinema movies in DCI compliant 2K resolution, but stereoscopic content as well. All you need is a 3D server and a polarisation filter or shutter glasses system. At the "Insight Out" workshop, a DVC ClipDisk 3D server and an active NuVision 3D system were employed.

The NuVision system is composed of a sync box, an IR transmitter and active shutter-glasses. The sync box gets a signal from the projector which controls the shutter-glasses by infrared communication. The DCP 70 L gets two input signals from the 3D server, one for the right eye and one for the left eye, which are projected alternately at a high frequency. The right and left shutter-glasses are dimmed in turn so that only one eye at a time can look at the screen. If the picture for the left eye is projected, the right glass becomes opaque, and vice versa. The brain interprets these two different sights as a three-dimensional representation, experiencing an amazingly realistic 3D effect.

"This active 3D technique for D-Cinema projectors is cost-effective, easy to retro-fit and easy to use", states Kinoton's D-Cinema product manager Markus Naether. "In contrary to passive 3D cinema requiring a special silver screen, active 3D can be projected on every common cinema screen. Besides this, the prices for shutter-glasses have been cut severely, making this a cost-efficient and fast way for exhibitors to add an additional crowd puller to their theatres, independent of existing 3D license models". "

Editor's note : DVC ClipDisk 3D is not a DCI compliant server, but an Dual Channel MPEG-2 HD Player. It then won't be able to play major 3D movies released recently by US Studios ( "Chicken Little", "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Monster House", "Meet the Robinsons", etc. ).