Deluxe Selects Dolby SCC2000 To Secure JPEG 2000 D-Cinema Mastering

"Dolby Laboratories has installed its Dolby SCC2000 Secure Content Creator at Deluxe Digital Entertainment in London.

The new installation enables Deluxe, which provides film production services to movie studios and other sectors of the entertainment industry, to respond quickly to the increasing demand for digital cinema across the globe.

The SCC2000, a scalable mastering solution for JPEG 2000 digital cinema content, provides compression, encoding, packaging, and encryption. With the Dolby mastering system, Deluxe can prepare digital movie releases in the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) specified JPEG 2000 format.

Designed to work as a stand-alone unit or integrated into current postproduction and digital intermediate systems, the Dolby SCC2000 enables efficient 2K and 4K JPEG 2000 encoding for all digital cinema content. To minimize start-up costs and complexities, the system is offered as part of a complete package including equipment rental, training, and ongoing support. The option for generating secure keys offers key delivery message (KDM) creation and management via the Cosmos digital cinema database, operated by Dolby content-protection subsidiary Cinea."