Barco introduces three new 2K digital cinema projectors

"Built on the DP100 chassis, the DP-3000 is Barco’s new flagship, and the brightest “large venue” digital cinema projector in the industry. Using TI’s 1.2 inch DLP Cinema chip, the DP-3000 is designed for screens up to 30m (98’) wide. With a 2000:1 contrast ratio, new lenses, a new optical design and high efficiency 6.5kW lamps, the DP-3000 exemplifies Barco’s hallmark attributes of image quality, reliability and robustness :

Barco’s two new “mid venue” digital cinema projectors both incorporate Texas Instrument’s 0.98 inch DLP Cinema chip. This remarkable new 0.98 inch DMD (Digital Micro-mirror Device) offers the same pixel resolution (2048x1080) as its larger 1.2 inch counterpart, but its smaller size offers significant advantages. For the projector and the digital cinema facility itself, this new technology translates directly into a smaller, more compact package, lower power consumption, lower operating costs and longer lamp run-times — without sacrificing Barco’s renowned image quality, modularity or system flexibility.

The DP-2000 is Barco’s new platform for large and mid-market venues, and is designed for screens up to 20m (65’) wide :

The DP-1500 is Barco’s new mid and small-venue projector, designed for screens up to 15m (49’) wide. In particular, the DP-1500 is ideal for applications that could not previously accommodate (or afford) a full 2K system :

All three new digital cinema projectors are designed for both 2D and 3D applications, and all offer Barco’s new “Communicator” touch panel for intuitive operations, Barco’s sealed engine for the ultimate in optical path protection, and an optional SNMP agent for local or remote monitoring.

The new touch panel can be used to drive the projector, alternative content switcher and server. Because of the open architecture of the new projectors, they can be used with all DCI compliant servers, thus providing customers the assurance that the projectors will operate with the server of their choice. This is in line with Barco’s strategy of being server-agnostic."